sense wave Static/dynamic posturography and therapy

sense wave opens up completely new opportunities in supporting balance diagnostics. Incorporating precision instruments and our patented hovering technology, the machine gives both the treating physician and the patient real-time feedback on screen with readings from over 5,300 sensors.
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sense wave medical Posturography & training all in one + assessment

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sense wave compact Posturography with laptop + assessment

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sense wave guarantees accurate, objective support for medical diagnostics in all areas of posturography.

Amateur sports

sense wave analyses and trains the deep muscles that are essential for posture, motor skills and injury prevention.

Everyday mobility

safe, three-dimensional training for the musculoskeletal system helps to prevent falls and supports rehabilitation in all age groups.

Emergency services

sense wave provides professional support for training and activating joint stabilisers, particularly for people under strain in their daily work.

Professional sports

sense wave has sophisticated programmes for immediate therapy and ongoing training, identifies weaknesses and also builds on strengths.

Fall prevention

sense wave improves the ability to maintain balance, strengthens muscles and, if training is regular, establishes cognitive patterns to prevent falls.


A hovering (static/dynamic) support platform that can be moved in three dimensions and contains over 5,300 highly sensitive pressure sensors measures the pressure points on the sole and visualises them in real time.

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