sense wave training

Sports injuries are often caused by inadequate core muscle strength. With sense wave training you can create custom exercise and rehab programmes aimed at anything from strengthening the muscles to cognitive training as required. Dynamic 3D hovering technology ensures that training is demanding and yet easy on the joints.
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A hovering (static/dynamic) support platform that can be moved in three dimensions and contains over 5,300 highly sensitive pressure sensors measures the pressure points on the sole and visualises them in real time.


Intuitive software control using the touch screen gives the doctor or therapist excellent options for customising patients’ training programmes, examining readings and jointly analysing feedback.


The parameters determined are compared with a reference database and – in combination with the previously completed questionnaire – provide the basis for a sound medical diagnosis.

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Sport support

The sport support makes getting on and off the sensor platform quick and easy before, during and after readings are taken.


Available in thicknesses of 20, 40 and 60 mm, the foam pads enable readings to be taken with additional instability factors for users of all ages and weights.